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New Car Treatment 
& Luxury Line 

     You just bought a new car. Congratulations! 


     At Alpha, we frequently detail brand new vehicles, from daily drivers to exotic cars. Oftentimes, brand new does not mean that the clearcoat is free of imperfections. Factory issues or improper care from the dealer means that there could be swirls, haze, and other imperfections that require machine polishing to bring the gloss back. Once we bring the clearcoat to its best appearance, it is time to protect your investment from otherwise unavoidable contaminants.


    Our best-curated package, New Car Treatment combines our most popular areas of expertise, from polishing to Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film for your convenience and the ultimate care for your vehicle.

     Every customer and every vehicle is different, so we take our time to understand your specific needs and suggest you the best package for your car. 

We are happy to answer your questions through a free consultation. 


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