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  • This section lists disclaimers that clarify Alpha Detailing services and work scopes further. These disclaimers support our policy of being transparent and are meant to promote a better understanding with our customers. 


  • Customers are requested to clear their personal items from their vehicle before appointments. Alpha Detailing will not be held responsible for any lost items. There may be an extra charge of $25 to remove and repack owner items left in the auto.

  • Glove box interiors will not be cleaned and Owner contents in glove boxes will not be disturbed.

  • Child car seat(s) should be removed prior to the appointment If you wish the seat cleaned under the child seat. We are not experts in re-installing child seats to meet specifications.

  • Alpha Detailing normally does not clean the inside of enclosed canopies on large trucks because most owners have them filled with tools and supplies and the inside is difficult to access with a pressure hose. If cleaning of this area is required, it is available at an optional price.  


  • Alpha Detailing is not a paint repair or touch up shop and will not be held responsible to fix any paint failures that may occur during cleaning or after. We can refer customers to qualified paint repair and auto body shops. 


  • Alpha Detailing is not liable or responsible for malfunction or breakage of any of the vehicle’s mechanical/ electrical/electronic components. We do not interfere with vehicles more than the minimum required amount of use to ensure we perform our job.

5.0    GENERAL

  • On check-in, we ask our customers to identify and point out any components or parts that were already broken or in a condition about to fail before the detailing appointment. Then extra care will be taken during the cleaning process in these areas. If we find defective materials or loose-fitting parts while cleaning, we may not be able to clean them properly and will advise the customer.

  • Alpha Detailing will not be responsible to replace weak or dead batteries.  We avoid using any electrical devices on cars that may drain a battery, but leaving doors open during the cleaning process can drain a battery if it is in a weak state. Customers need to ensure their battery is in proper working condition. 


  • An Alpha Detailing Maintenance Wash is a one (1) hour “maintenance wash and cleaning" designed for newer or for recently detailed vehicles. It is not meant to be a deep cleaning or detailing service. You may get a Hand Wash with any vehicle size, but keep in mind the expectation and quality are far different from a full detail appointment that can take from 5-7 hours of labor. 


  • Gift certificates are available for purchase. All gift certificates are final sale with a NO REFUND policy.

  • When purchasing a gift card, please understand that it is for a "dollar amount" estimated for a vehicle type and description, but the service may be subject to additional charges if the vehicle brought in extends the normal work scope due to extreme conditions of the vehicle such as high dirt level, dog hairs, extensive stains, tree sap deposits and any other items that take a longer time to treat.

  • The receiver of the gift certificate normally will schedule the detailing work later after receipt of the gift.

  • There is no time limit to use a certificate, but Alpha Detailing hopes that customers would come in within 6 months after receipt of the gift.


  • Vehicles that have video recording capabilities (i.e including but not limited to Tesla) can pose a threat to the personal privacy of employees and trade secrets of the business.

  • Video recording should be disabled for the duration of the vehicle stay in the shop, or at least limited to recording while the car is on and the business should be notified.

  • Legal action will be taken if there is a privacy violation of non-consensual video recording toward employees, other people present in the shop, and/or if as a result of these recordings there is harm to the business. 

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