How Strong Does Ceramic Coating Need to Be?

There is a variety of coatings that offer protection of your car paint or other surfaces. Here I want to take a look at Ceramic Pro and Opti-coat. Before we get into the details of each of them, let's first define a term we will use a lot: Hardness of a coating.

Historically, coatings have been tested with the "Pencil Method". Graphite pencils of different composition are used by art majors or even architects to draw perfect shades. Pencils range from 1H to 9H where H stands for hardness and a 1H pencil is a soft one, made of graphite mixed with clay and wax, while 9H has a very low composition of clay or wax making it a stronger one. So the "Pencil Method" consists of trying to leave a mark on a surface of the coating. If the pencil leaves a mark, you go to the next lowest pencil and so on.

Both Opti-coat and Ceramic Pro offer 9H ceramic coatings that act similarly on the paint surface. They bind strongly to the paint and form a clear coating of high resistance to water damage, UV light, dirt particles and minor scratches. The car paint will NOT be completely scratch resistant, however it will take a stronger materials to scratch it and any scratches can later be easily removed without cutting on your original paint. While the installation of both coatings takes many hours and controlled environments, Ceramic Pro needs more strict conditions.

The bottom line is that ceramic coatings form a permanent bond with the paint surface and will serve as a second coating that repels water and dirt providing protection of the car paint when applied by a certified installer. With this kind of Protection one can enjoy their car even in the harshest environments without worrying about the surfaces. 9H is important to ensure the coating surface will remain intact and glossy even after many years.

On a closing note; we have tried other ceramic coatings and from experience and client feedback, we mostly use these two brands in our shop as they offer the best and most reliable protection. Ceramic Pro and Opticoat also increase the value of the car as they guarantee a fresh looking paint which is always highly desirable.

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