Luxury Line
New Car Treatment 

     If you just bought a new car, it is critical to properly protect your vehicle from otherwise unavoidable contaminants. Adequate treatment can ensure your car will maintain the same shine it had when you bought it for a longer time. 


Proper care includes a deep exterior cleaning, buffing (sometimes dealers do not use the right method to wash the car and introduce swirls or scratches) and application of long-lasting protective coatings such as CeramicPro.

We are happy to answer your concerns through a free consultation. 

     We also offer a wide range of services for Luxury vehicles. We understand that these cars need to have the maximum shine and haze-free appearance. We also understand that high-end vehicles have very specific needs.


     Whether you are preparing your vehicle for a show, or just riding it for your pleasure, we can achieve the best-looking finish, while taking every precaution to ensure that it is coated and protected with durable coatings. It is always a pleasure for us at Alpha to work with Luxury, Exotic and Vintage cars so do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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