Alpha Detailing is a mobile auto detailing company based in Groton, CT. We are nationally certified and professionally licensed to operate our service. 





The goal of our company is to bring detailing to the next level by not only providing the best service and products but also by educating our customers about proper detailing procedures. We started our detailing company in 2012. Inspired by world-leading brands in the detailing industry we have since then expanded our area of expertise. We are always striving to bring the latest technology in tools and products to customers in the New England area.


Make an appointment by calling us and have your car detailed at your place or in our shop in Groton, CT. Some services such as paint correction or application of  Opti Coat or other paint protection coatings can only be done in a closed environment: our shop or your garage. Ask us to pick up and drop off your vehicle at no charge if that works better for you. Trust your vehicle to the best detailing service in Groton, CT.

Tel:              (860) 867-8119

e-mail:        eri@alphadetailingllc.com

Address:     36 North St, Groton, CT 06340


Alpha Detailing LLC

Professional detailing in Groton CT

Best Detailing Service in 2020

Insured & Licensed


Premier Package

Thorough inside and out detailing that leaves your vehicle in like-new conditions.

Interior Detailing

New Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction, followed by treating vinyl and leather surfaces for a deep clean and a great finish.

Exterior Detailing

Proper washing to avoid swirls and scratches, paint decontamination and sealant that is superior to any wax available in the market.

Signature Hand-Wash

A proper hand wash is the first step in all our exterior detailing. This is where car care starts. 

Ceramic Maintenance

To extend the duration of any ceramic coating it is important to follow proper care. As you will notice, cleaning a coated vehicle is substantially easier.

Exterior Sealant Package

The next best thing after ceramic coatings. If you are looking to protect your car through the fall or winter season this is the package for you. 

Ceramic Pro

A higher performance clearcoat with self-cleaning properties, extreme gloss, and unrivaled durability. 

ceramic pro rain bottle.png
9h bottle.png

Unlike wax and other organic polymers, the Gtechniq serum offers higher durability and lasting protection. 

G technique bottles.PNG
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One-Step Polishing

Our tools and techniques allow for removal of the majority of haze, swirl marks and other paint defects with just one stage buffing.

Multi-Stage Correction

We have perfected paint correction to achieve incredible results for a finish that make your vehicle look better than new.